Even “just one!” is too much when you’re expecting…

No amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe, this according to a new statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Hear Dr. Natalie Azar speak on this segment of the Today Show…..




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Coloring isn’t just for kids!

Remember those pattern based coloring books from your youth?

Maybe this will jog your memory….


Well, these patterns and others are back and they’re trendy!

The new designs are beautiful and whimsical (like this one from The Posh Adult Coloring Book)



and now we’re learning they have a therapeutic benefit!  Now when your children sit down with their crayons and colored pencils, you can join them.

Check out the article The New Joy of Coloring in last Sunday’s Parade magazine for more information.  And start relaxing…..

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The Art of Conversation

In this time of extremes, when civil discourse is becoming increasingly difficult, it is good to be reminded that the more mature and level headed among has can still communicate effectively.

Let’s all reach across the aisle and try to truly listen to what others have to say.

There’s no better example for us to follow than the one here….

YouTube Preview Image

To learn more about this provocative exchange of ideas, go to the Hot Moms Club


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Don’t buy this! Products designed for you and baby that you don’t actually need….

do not buy

We are constantly bombarded with messages to buy! buy! buy!  But the following suggestions can help you save cash, and ultimately time.  For the original article on Yahoo! News go to 12 Baby Products That You Should Skip

1.  diaper bag

Consider a child’s backpack instead.  It can then be repurposed for when they’re ready for school.

2.  hands free pumping bra

You might reconsider purchasing one of these when Victoria’s Secret starts designing them, but for now they’re not very sexy.  A sturdy sports bra with slits cut into them should do the job just fine.

3.  special baby & toddler plates

These are very cute but unnecessary.  Consider using a muffin tray to keep foods separated on the plate, if they need to be separated at all!

4.  baby shoes

Experts say it’s best to keep them foot loose and fancy free while learning to walk.

5.  wipe warmer

Unless you store your wipes in the fridge, they’ll never be too cold to use on your baby bundle’s beautiful bottom….

Do you have any money saving tips for parents? We would love to hear from you. Please click on “leave a comment” below and send any articles or pictures to blog@babychronicles.com.



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Pregnancy Humor – You may as well laugh!

Pregnancy humor might be an oxy-moron to some of us, much like jumbo shrimp and government intelligence.

And it’s much easier to laugh when you’re not the one that’s pregnant!

But if you can be amused by someone who many others find annoying (you know who they are) then you might enjoy British dad Mike Wilson’s 4 minute video post, courtesy of The Huffington Post!

What was the most annoying thing someone said to you when you were pregnant?

Love it or hate it, you’re not alone!


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Our Kids Firsts !

Candorville By Darrin Bell

Candorville By Darrin Bell

Maybe it is possible to go overboard recording our childrens’ “firsts“.  But I don’t think so!

What is one of your favorite “firsts“?  Let me and other moms know at Babychronicles!

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Time to say, See You Soon, Goodnight Moon.

Is it time to introduce some new books into your rotation?

Can you recommend a book that has become a favorite of yours that isn’t one of the classics, like Goodnight Moon?

My sister’s kids just loved The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman.  Send in your titles to blog@babychronicles.com and I will compile a list on my site to give you new reading ideas.

Click on the picture to expand comic strip

Doonsbury by Garry Trudeau 23-03-2014

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Bye bye helmet!

This is an update to my blog on February 25th … and it is GOOD NEWS!

As a special birthday present for her Daddy, Willow got her helmet off on March 4th.

To quote her mom “She is doing great and loves her bows! We even got her ears pierced on March 2nd (my birthday) as an early graduation gift”.

Here’s to Willow and Cranial Technologies.


Willow’s First Degree


Willow’s fancy studs


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Her helmet is turning heads

From a distance, Willow looks like a tiny skateboarder with a floral helmet! In fact, she almost never takes that helmet off because it is helping correct a condition known as Plagiocephaly – also known as flat heat syndrome. Willow’s mom wanted a way to chronicle this unique time in her Baby  Chronicles  Memory Book and so reached out to me. This is her story.

Willow and Fashion Helmet

Shortly after Willow’s birth, her parents noticed their daughter sleeping with her head mostly to one side. They sought advice from a physical therapist who recommended exercises and tips. At her 4 month check up however, her pediatrician referred her for evaluation at Cranial Technologies.

Detailed photographs at Cranial Technologies in Pasadena revealed that Willow needed a helmet to correct her Plagiocephaly, the flat spot on her head. Despite assurances that babies don’t mind the helmet, her mom imagined that her happy baby girl would be sad, sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable! She was also worried what people would think.

Well, after a short period of adjustment, and one very rough night, Willow does not mind the helmet one bit! After one week of wearing the helmet 23 hours a day, there is already a noticeable improvement in the shape of her head. 4 weeks later and they estimate only two more weeks till Willow graduates from the helmet.

Cranial Technologies also referred Willow’s parents to Wrap Buddies, a non-profit organization that decorates the helmets for free! Customers at their Partner Shop in Camarillo (Eyedentity Graphics) can pick out designs and colors like the one on Willow’s helmet. It is so beautiful that strangers have asked Willow’s mom if the helmet is a new fashion statement!

Willow’s parents have grown appreciative of the technology that is helping their daughter and are capturing this unique time with photographs.

Willow & MommyWhat unique memories are you capturing?


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The start of the school year is full of mixed emotions, for both parent and child.
Time to get your SCHOOL YEAR CHRONICLES on!

Back to School

Back to School

Comic Strip by Adam Zyglis

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