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Even “just one!” is too much when you’re expecting…

No amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe, this according to a new statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Hear Dr. Natalie Azar speak on this segment of the Today Show…..    

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Our Kids Firsts !

Maybe it is possible to go overboard recording our childrens’ “firsts“.  But I don’t think so! What is one of your favorite “firsts“?  Let me and other moms know at Babychronicles!

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Time to say, See You Soon, Goodnight Moon.

Is it time to introduce some new books into your rotation? Can you recommend a book that has become a favorite of yours that isn’t one of the classics, like Goodnight Moon? My sister’s kids just loved The Seven Silly … Continue reading

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Bye bye helmet!

This is an update to my blog on February 25th … and it is GOOD NEWS! As a special birthday present for her Daddy, Willow got her helmet off on March 4th. To quote her mom “She is doing great … Continue reading

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Her helmet is turning heads

From a distance, Willow looks like a tiny skateboarder with a floral helmet! In fact, she almost never takes that helmet off because it is helping correct a condition known as Plagiocephaly – also known as flat heat syndrome. Willow’s … Continue reading

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The start of the school year is full of mixed emotions, for both parent and child. Time to get your SCHOOL YEAR CHRONICLES on! Comic Strip by Adam Zyglis

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Budgeting for Baby’s Big Bash

Planning your baby’s upcoming themed birthday party? You’ll have a tough time outspending a well-to-do British couple!  They recently shelled out over $100,000 on decorations for their twins’ 1 year birthday celebration. We can only hope that the event was … Continue reading

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Beware GPS settings on smartphones & cameras when posting pictures online!

When posting pictures onto social media sites, pictures with GPS information embedded in them are available to those who view or access the pictures.  This means that strangers can find out where you took your pictures, and ultimately where you … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day – Catching the boys reading through School Year Chronicles

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Baby Levi gives a SHOUT OUT to Baby Chronicles !

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