Her helmet is turning heads

From a distance, Willow looks like a tiny skateboarder with a floral helmet! In fact, she almost never takes that helmet off because it is helping correct a condition known as Plagiocephaly – also known as flat heat syndrome. Willow’s mom wanted a way to chronicle this unique time in her Baby  Chronicles  Memory Book and so reached out to me. This is her story.

Willow and Fashion Helmet

Shortly after Willow’s birth, her parents noticed their daughter sleeping with her head mostly to one side. They sought advice from a physical therapist who recommended exercises and tips. At her 4 month check up however, her pediatrician referred her for evaluation at Cranial Technologies.

Detailed photographs at Cranial Technologies in Pasadena revealed that Willow needed a helmet to correct her Plagiocephaly, the flat spot on her head. Despite assurances that babies don’t mind the helmet, her mom imagined that her happy baby girl would be sad, sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable! She was also worried what people would think.

Well, after a short period of adjustment, and one very rough night, Willow does not mind the helmet one bit! After one week of wearing the helmet 23 hours a day, there is already a noticeable improvement in the shape of her head. 4 weeks later and they estimate only two more weeks till Willow graduates from the helmet.

Cranial Technologies also referred Willow’s parents to Wrap Buddies, a non-profit organization that decorates the helmets for free! Customers at their Partner Shop in Camarillo (Eyedentity Graphics) can pick out designs and colors like the one on Willow’s helmet. It is so beautiful that strangers have asked Willow’s mom if the helmet is a new fashion statement!

Willow’s parents have grown appreciative of the technology that is helping their daughter and are capturing this unique time with photographs.

Willow & MommyWhat unique memories are you capturing?


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