Don’t buy this! Products designed for you and baby that you don’t actually need….

do not buy

We are constantly bombarded with messages to buy! buy! buy!  But the following suggestions can help you save cash, and ultimately time.  For the original article on Yahoo! News go to 12 Baby Products That You Should Skip

1.  diaper bag

Consider a child’s backpack instead.  It can then be repurposed for when they’re ready for school.

2.  hands free pumping bra

You might reconsider purchasing one of these when Victoria’s Secret starts designing them, but for now they’re not very sexy.  A sturdy sports bra with slits cut into them should do the job just fine.

3.  special baby & toddler plates

These are very cute but unnecessary.  Consider using a muffin tray to keep foods separated on the plate, if they need to be separated at all!

4.  baby shoes

Experts say it’s best to keep them foot loose and fancy free while learning to walk.

5.  wipe warmer

Unless you store your wipes in the fridge, they’ll never be too cold to use on your baby bundle’s beautiful bottom….

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