Budgeting for Baby’s Big Bash


Planning your baby’s upcoming themed birthday party?

You’ll have a tough time outspending a well-to-do British couple!  They recently shelled out over $100,000 on decorations for their twins’ 1 year birthday celebration.

We can only hope that the event was video-taped, audio-taped, and otherwise well recorded for posterity, as the only things these tots will likely remember was the sugar rush they got from their fondant-laden birthday cakes.

No word on what they will find under their pillows after the next visit from the British tooth-fairy…

Do you have any stories of loving parents going overboard?  Leave a reply below.  Thanks!

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Beware GPS settings on smartphones & cameras when posting pictures online!

When posting pictures onto social media sites, pictures with GPS information embedded in them are available to those who view or access the pictures.  This means that strangers can find out where you took your pictures, and ultimately where you and your babies & children live.  It is a scary thought.

To safeguard against this:
1.     Remove the GPS tag option on your smartphone or camera and/or
2.     Make sure your settings are set to private so that only your “friends” can see your pictures

YouTube Preview Image

Courtesy of NBC Action News

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Mother’s Day – Catching the boys reading through School Year Chronicles

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Baby Levi gives a SHOUT OUT to Baby Chronicles !

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Watch What This Mom Says About Baby Chronicles

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Joanne Scores A+ in Scrapbooking – Feat. Jared

School Year Chronicles helps discover budding artist and future hockey player!

With School Year Chronicles prompting him along, Jared has been drawing self portraits since the age of 4.  His mom has taken many time-outs over the years to fill up the scrapbooks for each of her 3 kids.  What follows is a time line of her eldest child, Jared, and his years at school, beginning in kindergarten and going up to Grade 6.  Jared’s sibs will be profiled soon.

Memorably yours,


PS: Note to parents – Joanne missed filling in Nursery but quickly caught up on all the future years.  See how time flies  …  Jared is now 16 years old and learning to drive!

Joanne's School Year Chronicles and High School Chronicles Books

Click on the pictures to ZOOM in 🙂

Presenting Jared:

Jared in Kindergarten

Jared in Grade 1

Jared in Grade 2

Jared in Grade 3







Jared in Grade 4

Jared in Grade 5







Jared in Grade 6

Here is a picture of Jared today, at age 16.  He is an avid hockey player, when he isn’t injured, and his favourite subject in school is Science, NOT!

Jared Today












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Keeping up with the Kardashians, woops, I mean Kids

It is always nice to hear back from a happy mother!   Reading the lengths Karen went to, to get a copy of High School Chronicles for her daughter Elizabeth, is the sign of a truly devoted Mom. Here’s to the excitement we all feel as we watch our kids grow.

Memorably yours,

PS: Note to parents – Karen talks below about my earlier editions of School Year Chronicles and High School Chronicles.  The current editions have School Year Chronicles covering pre-school to Grade 8 and High School Chronicles covering Grades 9 through 12. 

Kids grow up. They do! No matter how much I want mine to stay little, they keep growing.

Elizabeth showing her Kindergarten page

I have always enjoyed recording my two kids’ milestones and  accomplishments.  When my sixth grade daughter, Elizabeth, was starting school, I hunted for the most perfect record keeper for her.  I looked at a lot of them.  I wanted a book that was more than a single page per year.  Surely, during an entire school year, more would happen than what would fill up a single page.

One night in Barnes and Noble, I stumbled across The School Year Chronicles.  I had to sit down for this binder!!!  Page after page I flipped and fell in love.  Within its cover it held places for, not only the primary school grades, but Family Vacations, Summer Vacations, After School sports, Health Records, and much more.  I was in love!  Right away, I bought the three that they had in the store-one for Elizabeth, one for her three year old brother, and one to give away.



Elizabeth's Preschool photo page

As the kids grew, we worked on the book together.  First it was just me filling in the  pages, and then us together.  They especially loved the page where it asks to draw a picture of themselves, and then a yearly autograph.

Each time the book is out, we can’t help but start from the beginning and read and enjoy where we started-and where we’ve come.  We laugh.  I sigh.  Those books have become such a treaured keepsake-for all of us, we will probably play tug a war with them when they head off to (gasp)college.





Elizabeth's Grade 3 photo page

Recently, Elizabeth got her school pictures returned to her.  The first thing we both did was reach for the School Year Chronicles.  We flipped to fifth grade-and were taken back-and saddened to discover that this is where the book ended.  We both couldn’t
believe it.  I told her that perhaps I could order some extra pages.

I found the website on the front cover of the book.  We both jumped on the computer and typed it in.  We were THRILLED to discover not extra pages-but a whole new book!!!!!!!!  And this book started with sixth grade!!!!!!!!!!!! We wouldn’t have to skip a beat!!!  I clicked on where it said retailers and then went to Amazon.  I laughed when I saw the price of it:  181.00????????  That made no NO sense to me.  I figured it was a mistake-so I closed out on my computer-and tried it again.  No mistake.  I then went to ebay and saw that there was one book-and it was selling for the same price.  I just did not understand.  For a memory book????  Memories, to me, are worth gold….but?????  I googled it several times-and it was ‘out of stock’ in most places.  I just did not get it.

Elizabeth's Kindergarten "My Favorites & Highlights" page

Elizabeth's Grade 2 "My Favorites and Highlights" page











Monday morning I tried Amazon again-and the same price came up.  I noticed that on the cover of our first book there was a number-so I decided to try it-just to get to the bottom of this crazy price.  Luckily, I reached Dania-and she, too, felt the price was crazy!!!  Even better, she had a few of the books that I so wanted!!!!!  I was able to order two of the books-and I couldn’t be happier!!!!  When I told Elizabeth at the bus stop she was shocked that I paid almost 200 hundred dollars for a  memory book-I was happy to report to her the better ending we had!!

Elizabeth's signatures over the years ...

Kids do grow up, but it doesn’t mean that they no longer want their accomplishments and special moments recorded.  Elizabeth was chosen as Student of the Month in Sixth grade-and Thursday there is a big breakfast in her honor-I’m sooo relieved that I’ll have a place to write about and show off this special event.  How sad we would have been if we were to continue recording Matthew-who is in third grade-and no longer Elizabeth-I know that she would feel left out.  I’m relieved that we have many more days that we can look back, read, compare and laugh together, thanks to these amazing books.

Our memories are priceless, it’s true…

Elizabeth today

Thanks, Karen
Loveland, OH

It’s time to brag.  Share and email to blog@babychronicles.com pages from your child’s Baby Chronicles, School Year Chronicles and/or High School Chronicles books.


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Chase-ing Aurora … Baby brother follows in big sister’s footsteps

I love getting feedback from Moms saving their memories in Baby Chronicles record keepers.  Ashley submitted the completed pages below from her children’s books.  I have profiled the two siblings’ pages side by side so my readers could see how different and sometimes the same, each birth and baby is.  Aurora is the big sister.  Chase is her baby brother.  Notes in purple italics are added in by me!

Memorably yours,  Dania

These are out of my daughter’s baby book. We are now beginning her Junior-K in School Year Chronicles. She loves looking back at her baby book & asking me a million questions. Her being able to take part in her school years book will make it even more special.

These are out of my son’s baby book. He’s still too young to be interested in it but someday I’m sure he’ll be happy to look back at it.

Thank you for such great books


Baby Chronicles presents:  The first page of Baby Chronicles is the very beginning of your Baby’s story.  Select the earliest photo of your Baby that you have.  If you see a strong resemblance to another family member, you might choose to include that picture for comparison!

Aurora meets the world
















My Ultrasound/Sonogram:  Your ultrasound or sonogram truly is a peak at the future and a marvel of medicine.  If yours showed just enough to let you know the sex of your baby in advance, you might want to make a note of that on this page. 

Aurora Ultrasound/Sonogram

Chase Ultrasound/Sonogram














My Hand & Foot Prints:  Your Baby grows so quickly.  Having a hand or foot print saved in your book will remind you just how small your Baby once was.  If you don’t have a true print, you can always take a photograph and have it printed to scale.

Aurora's prints

Chase's prints














My Birth Announcement:  The birth announcement is where new parents get to be creative and tell the world of their newest arrival.  Some parents put a notice in the local paper, others may send out personal cards.  If you sent out an email with a picture, print that out and include it on this page.

Announcing Aurora

Announcing Chase














It’s Bathtime!:  You’ll have a lot of these bath pictures, but select ones that won’t make anyone blush.  You can also note down who was giving the bath and who else was present.  And how the baby enjoyed it.

Aurora bath

Chase bath














Would you like to share completed pages from your child’s
Baby Chronicles or School Year Chronicles books?
If so, please click on “Leave a Comment” below and send pictures to  blog@babychronicles.com


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Pump it up!

Hashtag #breast feeding … it must be breast feeding and pumping week!

I was just talking with my neighbor’s daughter Jen in New York who is 8 weeks away from giving birth to her first-born child.  The topic of breast feeding and breast pumping came up. A couple of days later, I received an e-mail from mom Tanya Allsop, who wanted to share information on breast pumps.  Timing is funny sometimes.

I am a big believer myself in nursing and did a lot of breast pumping, both manual (oy) and electric (yay) with my 3 boys.  The pumps I used are probably dinosaured by now, so I will defer the new branding to Tanya, who has penned the article below, specifically for Baby Chronicles.

Many Benefits of Owning a Breast Pump

When hubby and I brought our first little bundle of joy into the world 5 years ago, I had everything meticulously planned.  I had read every baby book and had purchased every piece of furniture for the nursery and every aid, accessory and baby-related gadget under the sun. A good breast pump, however, was a bit of an afterthought.

I had done no research whatsoever and didn’t have the faintest idea what to look for. I regrettably decided to go the cheapest route and invested in a small manual pump. It made sense at the time, as I didn’t realize how much time and effort I had put into expressing milk. Unfortunately I spent far too long awkwardly pumping away for what little milk it produced, and eventually banished it to the cupboard, never to be seen again.

Fast forward 5 years and barely a day goes by that I’m not pumping away with my new Medela pump. It’s almost become an extension of my body.

Among the various benefits a breast pump provides, it’s the freedom I enjoy most of all. I always ensure there’s an adequate supply of milk just in case I want to duck out for coffee with the girls, or for when I’m exhausted and decide that it’s hubby and bubby’s ‘bonding time’.

I have also recently started working from home part-time and having a supply of milk handy means I can work uninterrupted while our mother in law takes care of feeding.

For any mom planning on returning to work, a good breast pump is an absolute necessity. If you plan on expressing while at work, you will most likely want something that does the job quickly and quietly. It’s hard to go past a Medela double electric pump in this regard, as they’re both powerful, with pumping generally only taking about 10-20 minutes per session, and quiet enough not to cause a nuisance to co-workers. I find however, that it’s best to simply stock up well at home and store the milk in the fridge if I’m going to be away for extended periods of time.

In addition to the many benefits mentioned so far, breast pumps can also provide relief from engorgement, by releasing the excess milk supply building up in your body, which as any mother will tell you, can be very uncomfortable. There can also be unforeseen circumstances that make expressing necessary, such as your child having difficulty latching on to the breast or having to stock up before taking potentially harmful medication for short periods of time.

Everyone’s situation is different, and your needs will dictate what kind of breast pump you’ll want to invest in. There’s a huge variety out there, so make sure to do your homework before investing in a breast pump. It could be one of the most important decisions you make.

Tanya Allsop is a mother of 2 and owns a website dedicated to breast pump reviews and breast pumping guides for new mothers. Please visit BreastPumpReviewsSite for more information.

Do you have any comments to add regarding breast feeding?  We would love to hear from you.  Please click on “leave a reply” below and send any articles or pictures to blog@babychronicles.com.






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Jojo’s Own Words (spelling mistakes included)

Hi. My name is Joelle. I’m 10 years old.  Everyone calls me Jojo.

When i look at my filled Baby Chronicles i love looking at when it says my first few words.

I LOVE having a book like this so i can look back on my baby stuff. I think moms and dads sould keep thes records so that they can show them to there kids when there older.

I like seeing pictures and hearing stories because most of the time they are funny and cute.


Click on the pictures to ZOOM in 🙂

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