Pregnancy Calendar

Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner is a 12-month perpetual calendar for moms-to-be. This pregnancy calendar helps new and expectant mothers stay organized and guides them through the maze of appointments, tests and physical changes so characteristic of this life-changing event. It has a plastic storage pocket to hold appointment cards, and sticker pages to use on the monthly calendar pages.

Keep track of it all with your Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner.

“I bought the Pregnancy Planner when I found out I was pregnant. I love the style, the colors, the attention to detail and how you have thought about everything you could ever want to record, stuff I never would have thought about myself. Thank you! It will be a wonderful memento to cherish forever”.



  • A rolling, 12-month pregnancy calendar that begins on the date you start using your Planner
  • Healthy eating suggestions and pre-natal exercises
  • Information on feeding and baby care
  • Steps to make your home baby safe
  • A clear storage pocket for coupons and appointment cards
  • Sticker pages and so much more...


Book Details:


56 pages, 7¼” x 5", color illustrations, stickers and storage pocket, wirobound (semi-concealed) paperback

12-Month Rolling Calendar that Begins Whenever You Choose
Appointment Reminders and Details
Am I Pregnant?
Important Tips Before and During Pregnancy
Reducing the Discomforts of Pregnancy 
Exercising During Pregnancy
Important Information on Breast Feeding
Important Information on Bottle Feeding
Baby Care Made Easier
Making Your Home Baby Safe
Making Your Car Baby Safe
Must-Haves for Any Home with Babies
Handy Telephone Numbers
Mom’s and Baby’s Medical and Personal Information     
Notes / Registry
Calendars, Sticker Pages and Storage Pocket