Babybook Acknowledgements
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To Warren, who inspired the original "Poopy Log" babybook,
to Zachary, who gave me enough reasons to revise it, and to Kenny, who
allowed me the time to perfect it. To my husband, Danny, who takes
credit, and rightfully so, for all the good ideas.

To my Mom and Dad, "and they dream that someday maybe each
will grow an apple tree." And finally, to all the parents using previous editions
of these books, thanks for all your letters. Your suggestions made the book even better.

To Andrea, my friend from kindergarten, who helped the book grow up.

Lam Quach Studios Art and Illustrations

Illustrations, cover and book design by Lam Quach Studios
Art Direction by Dania Lebovics


Printed on acid-free paper
Printed and bound in Canada by Friesens Corporation

Distributed in the USA by:
Firefly Books (U.S.) Inc.
P.O. Box 1338, Ellicott Station
Buffalo, New York, USA 14205
For wholesale inquiries, please
call toll-free 1-800-387-5085

Distributed in Canada by:
Firefly Books Ltd.
3680 Victoria Park Avenue
Willowdale, ON, Canada M2H 3K1
For wholesale inquiries, please
call toll-free 1-800-387-6192

Or call direct: 416-499-8412

Special offer to parent groups, hospitals, obstetrician offices...
Bulk discounts for volume purchases. Call Firefly Books for information.

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