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Dania Lebovics is a Chartered Accountant who decided to put her career on hold to stay home during her children's formative years. Dania developed Baby Chronicles as a memory book over time, as a quick and easy way to gather and record milestones in her children's lives. Dania lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and three sons.

Smiling DaniaWell, necessity is the mother of invention. And the mother of Baby Chronicles (you can call her Dania) had a need for a baby memory book. Dania and her husband were keeping very detailed notes of their firstborn's comings and goings (literally). They kept everything recorded in the aptly named "Poopy Log". When the Poopy Log was bursting at its seams, Dania went to the stores searching for a real baby book in which to summarize her child's loftiest achievements and greatest milestones.

When Dania did not find anything that suited her needs, she turned on her computer and created her own scrapbook of memories with spreadsheet software. When friends saw the scrapbook, they asked for their own copies. And then strangers starting ordering the book. It was great! Now since Dania and hubby agreed that Dania would stay home with the kids, this is where necessity #2 arose. Dania realized that she might have a commercially viable product on her hands with the increasingly popular Baby Chronicles.

So she printed 100,000 copies and they sold out immediately. Not! Actually, a lot of hard work went into bringing Baby Chronicles to the public; getting people's opinions and refining the baby book, learning about the publishing industry, mastering the fine art of literary promotion and media interviews and making it appear as though the home office were something other than a room in the basement. Dania started with a moderate print run, and when that sold out, she printed more. Now you can buy the 1st hardcover edition of Baby Chronicles in most major bookstores across North America and on-line at all the popular sites.

This is how Dania really looks as interpreted by the little people who matter most to her:

Dania by Warren
by Warren

Dania by Zachary
by Zachary

Dania by Kenny
by Kenny

Dania's kids are now old enough to enjoy their personalized copies of Kiddy Chronicles (they have the predecessor to Baby Chronicles). They really love reading about their first words, "Mom, what does goo mean?", seeing the picture of their first haircut, "Mom, why the bad doo?", and reviewing the details of their first birthday parties, "Mom, how come Uncle Fester is sitting in my high chair?"

Thanks to the great comments and suggestions that Dania has received, and continues to receive, from parents who use Baby Chronicles, the book continues to evolve and improve to include almost anything your average, and not so average parent, wants to keep.

So keep sending in your comments. Thanks to you parents, Baby Chronicles has grown up. And hopes to keep growing with the ever-changing needs of babies and parents everywhere.


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