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Are there any other books that your company makes that would help a first time singe woman being pregnant?

I also have Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner, which is available on line or through any of the major bookstores.  It isn't uniquely designed for single moms, but instead, is geared to any and all moms. 

It would be great if you could provide a way to attach the pictures/mementos.

I use PHOTO STICKER SQUARES that they sell at Michaels and the Dollar stores, to attach photos to the book.  Anything heavier can be glued or taped in.

Do you have pregnancy questions? Ask the WHAT TO EXPECT people! Click here to reveal link to their website.

What to Expect

I see that the new High School Chronicles eliminates grades 6-8. Are you creating a separate book for these years? Kristen

Our new edition of School Year Chronicles covers nursery through to Grade 8. If you have the previous edition, which ends at Grade 5, don't worry! We have inserts available for grades 6-8 which you can add to your School Year Chronicles book. Please click on our Accessories tab.

My daughter is about to begin her 3rd yr of preschool. I need another set of pre-school pages.

You can order the extra pages you need by clicking on the Accessories tab and going to Inserts - SYC Preschool. My newest edition of School Year Chronicles now begins when your daughter goes to school at 2 years of age, and has a section for nursery, pre-school, Junior K, and Senior K.

I am asking that you PLEASE consider re-printing JR & HSC. It is sold out on line. Deidra

Deidra, Done!!!  Please click on the BOOKS tab and see our new and revised edition of High School Chronicles

I have School Year Chronicles for my two oldest children. I got online to purchase the JR/High edition and it was no longer available. Why is the edition only for high school now? That leaves grades 6,7, and 8 with no book.

I have High School Chronicles available for Grades 9-12 and you can get the middle school inserts (Grade 6 - 8) separately by clicking on the Accessories tab.

Any word on a French version of BC Pregnancy Planner? Alexis

Hi Alexis,

BC Pregnancy Planner has just been revamped and is only available in English.  If and when it is translated into French, I will make a special announcement on the website.

Hi there. I was so disappointed when I realized that my copy of the school year chronicles goes only to grade 5. I am obviously missing pages and I purchased mine 5 years ago. I have two boys and they both have a book each but missing pages for Grades 6.

Hi Ranjeeta,

I am sorry that you are upset but I am glad you wrote me.

I have had to redesign School Year Chronicles several times over the last few years to meet bookstore requirements as well as customer preferences. Older copies of SYC were housed in 7 cms wide binders that went up to Grade 6. Then, when the bookstores wanted smaller binder sizes, I reduced the binder to 3.5 cms and removed a year (Grade 6) so that I could include the EXPANDER PAGES (which allow you to graduate to a large 2 or 3 inch, office-type binder). One of my goals when I redesign or revise my books for new information, is to keep the price the same.

This year, I revised High School Chronicles, which before began at Grade 6 and now, revised, begins at Grade 9-12. So to fill the new gap that was being created, I expanded SYC to end at Grade 8. I anticipated that customers like you would eventually need the middle school inserts (grades 6-8), so I have made them available on my website. Please click on the Accessories tab, and you will see the INSERTS - middle school, there. They are very reasonably priced at $6.00 a set.

I hope this response satisfies you and I appreciate your business.

Response from Ranjeeta: Hi. This works great. Thanks for replying.