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Have you fallen behind in organizing your child's precious memories? Are the photos, hand prints, notes and clippings piling up? You are not alone.

Organize all your memories today with books and inserts from Baby Chronicles, School Year Chronicles, High School Chronicles and Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner.

Happy chronicling!

Celebrity Testimonials

"Dania, Thanks for the cute book to help me chronicle my son's life. What a wonderful job you did!" Cindy Crawford - Actress / Model
Beverly Hills, CA
"Kiddy Chronicles is such a great idea. I'm already filling it up with all the delicious details." Leeza Gibbons - Talk Show Host
Hollywood, CA
"What a great idea! It's one of those ideas that people might not initially see a need for, but once it is actually put together, you wonder how new parents ever got through the early years without one!...I honestly can't think of a better gift for somebody who is about to have a baby..." Peter Holden - CJAD Radio
Montreal, QC
"What a terrific idea! Time becomes a very precious commodity... Your book is the perfect incentive..." Jane Gilbert - Global TV
Toronto, ON

Testimonials and Baby Wall

Hi Dania, thank you for your time :).  If my house caught fire, this would be the first material thing I would run for :).  Naomi
Timmins, ON 

I LOVE this book!!! Stephanie
Topeka, KS 

How can we improve BC?: Add more years.  Ages 1 - 5 are the most important, not just the first year.  Make more books for NB - 18.
Suggestions re making an APP: Make it were (sic) parent can get their onine records printed out into a book every year.  Shelby
Mancelona, MI 

It's lovely the way it is :). Brooke
Wilmington, NC

Thank you Baby ChroniclesThank you Baby Chronicles

I absolutely love your books! I have bought them as gifts and recommended them to anyone having a baby! I was surprised to find grades 6 - 8 missing from both books. Please send the inserts for both of my children's books if they are available.  Thank you! Dana
Solon, IA

I have a special needs child and I would like to see one of these geared towards their school/therapies. Just a thought :). Monique
Covington, WA

Don't think it needs any improvement.  This was the best one we saw.  My husband really like this one. Sarah
Holbrook, PA

More prenatal info.  If baby was planned/accident. Dates found out. How long I tried to get pregnant. Nikki
High Level, AB 

... thanks again, for having the best school books ever. I always tell everyone to get them, they are the best. And when reading some of the comments on your site, I was so glad to hear that other kids are excited to do their signatures, draw themselves and go through the previous years, as much as mine are. Every year I also get all teary eyed looking through them as well. And my kids are only 12 and 8. Thank you, thank you thank you. I also do digital scrapbooking and print them on 8x11 pages, of pictures from throughout the year and their art work. Such an amazing keepsake for sure. Keep up the great work and I hope your books are still selling strong, because they are amazing. Tammy
Langley, BC

Everything is digital these days, but I still believe some keepsakes are fun to have & hold. Janné
Divide, CO

I love Baby Chronicles things. They are real nice. And they have great stuff. And they are real cheap on their baby stuff (from website). Thank you. Cynthia
Hico, TX

Great idea to have a calendar for pregnancy, appointments, important dates,etc. that is also a keepsake! - the stickers are a cute feature -maybe more places for ultrasounds, tummy + hospital pix, etc (?) - overall VERY pleased :) Thank you!!! Noelle
Guelph, ON

I love everything about this book. It's AMAZING! I think its fun and very easy to use. I think it has every "first" in it. This will be fun and exciting to look back on and remember important things and events. Rachel
Wadsworth, OH

Great book, nice paper to write on, good idas & questions! Love it! Thanks! Ashleay
Quebec, QC

I'm glad I chose Baby Chronicles so it was easy to find another book once the time came. I bought both my kids Baby Chronicles so they would have all the exact same info recorded. Alisha
Burlington, WI

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS BOOK!!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT! :) I have 2 baby showers to attend this spring, and I will be purchasing a copy for each one :) Amber
Cardinal, ON

I have Baby Chronicles My Very Own Story and would like more Baby Chronicles for when my baby arrives. Thank you. Rosa
La Mesa, CA

Love this book. Add some extra pockets for looseleaf - One is not enough Shannon
Quesnel, BC

I loved Baby Chronicles for my first and am still enjoying it. Now starting another for the 2nd! Carrie
Enfield, N.H

This is an awsome (sp) book, although I wish I were able to remove or add more pages as I please. Kevin
Spanaway, WA

I really like this, I'm glad I received it as a gift! Thanks for making such a cool book. Melissa
Creedmoor, NC

I love how this book has everything you could think of. It's going to be filled with great memories! I do suggest an extra plastic page in the back of the book. Amanda
Youngsville, LA

This book is so cute! It helps a lot because the father is in Afghanistan for a year. This will help him experience the pregnancy too. Kelci
Sturgis, SD

Absolutely love the family tree. This is the only book that had enough spaces for all our children.L ove that you made it large enough for blended families too. I have 4 boys and husband has 3 girls so our lil "Peanut" is baby #8 ... All 7 of our children have their own sibling line! Thank you!! Overall - YOUR BOOK - WE LOVE IT - GREAT JOB! Melanie
Bossier City, LA

It is a great book! It is a wonder keepsake for my daughter. Wish I had one for my son. Annett
Prince George, BC

Thank you formaking this baby book. I absolutely love it! Alexandra
Cedar Rapids, IA

Love-love-love this! Just ordered the middle school pages for my older kids. Missed a lot because I didn't know it was there & time got away from me. Trying to catch up now & keep up w/ younger boys! Got all 4 of these as Gifts & just Love them! Nice Work!! Hollie
Pittsboro, IN

I really love this baby book. I wish I wouldhave know about it when I bought my daughters. AshlynFort Benning, GALoved filling out each page. It will be nice to show it to my son when he is older :) Amy
LaSalle, QC

Best Baby Book to Buy ... very detailed with all info Baby/Parents need to remember, from babys birth to first year.
Altoona, PA

This is a very well thought out and put together book, definitely will recommend it to friends & family. I am happy with all the pages, they will all be used, unlike a few of the other books I have received. Thank you and continue to keep up the wonderful work. Crystal
Fayetteville, NCA

wonderful keepsake to take note all of baby's growth & development. Would be a nice gift when your baby frows. Maila
Scarborough, ON

I loved the baby book Baby Chronicles that I bought for my son so much that I went back and bought the same one for my daughter born this year! Rachelle
Melbourne, FL

I really enjoyed this Baby Book. I enjoy feeling happy every time I fill out questions about my soon to be daughter. Just wish there were more books from your company on store shelves. I could sit here all day reading and filling out these baby books. Thanks again. Candace
Modesto, CA

Love it. Dannyelle
Denver, CO

Les deux livres sont très bien fait et complet dans les informations à garder en souvenir. Bravo! Mariève
Labelle, QC

The style and size of Baby Chronicles and SCHOOL YEAR CHRONICLES are fantastic. I can fit many pictures and information into them with out them looking messy. Thank you for making such a lovely product.North Andover, MAYou have a wonderful book here. I love the nice soft colors of the pages. I love the idea of putting money & stamps of the birth year and a little history of the birth year. I like the plastic envelope at the back to keep the goodies. I have 6 baby books and this is the best one ever. Keep up the good work.
Mississauga, ON

I bought the Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner when I found out I was pregnant and I used it ever since, even now after Benjamin has been born. I saw this baby book in the store & had to buy it. I love the style, the colors, the attention to detail and how you have thought about everything you could ever want to record, stuff I never would about writing myself. Thank you. It will be a wonderful memento to cherish forever.
Neepawa, MA

This book is great! I love the format and the fact that the questions are current for the times.
Portland, OR

This is the best laid out SCHOOL YEAR book I’d ever seen. I was so excited to have it for my daughter entering kindergarten. I like the binder and so much about it.
St.Paul, MN

I already had two books that were used for memories, however after seeing yours, I transferred everything into SCHOOL YEAR CHRONICLES.
Campbell’s Bay, QC

We already had a baby book … but when I saw yours, I knew I had to have it. I like the layout, the great deal of information that can be recorded…Grand Forks, BC

I looked everywhere for the perfect baby book. Finally I found this one. It was the last one there. I am having so much fun with this. Lily will love it when she gets older. The most wonderful thing about this book, and what made me decide to buy it, is all the space for pictures. It’s fabulous! That’s what people like the most about their baby books … is pictures of themselves! Isn’t it?!
DeRuyter, NY

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the SCHOOL YEAR CHRONICLES that I bought for my older son! I definitely plan on buying BabyChronicles , SCHOOL YEAR CHRONICLES and two High School Chronicles for my younger sons.
Hutto, TX

I have a book for each of my boys. I loved these books and I’m sure my boys will love them when they’re older & look back. 
Niagara Falls, ON

I had been searching for a “baby book” for my second child since we found out we were pregnant. I didn’t feel my first one covered much and I ended up making my own. When I received your book as a gift, I was very pleased. You did a great job covering all the bases!! Thank you, I can’t wait to begin filling it up!
Harrisburg, PA

I like the fact that so much information can be included in Baby C hronicles!
Akron, OH

The format/content of this book is excellent!
Burnaby, BC

This book seems to cover every stage of baby’s growth and development. After looking at many different varieties of baby books, I decided that Baby C hronicles was by far the best choice.
Mesick, MI

By far the most “all inclusive” baby book on the market. It’s exactly what we were looking for! Thanks!
Winnipeg, MB

We think that this is a wonderfully thought out book – put together as only an experienced parent could. We plan to purchase another for our future second child and would gladly recommend it to friends and family. We love the thoughtful suggestions at the bottom of each page …
Watertown, CT

Baby C hronicles is adorable and organized great. It’s the best I’ve seen. Thanks.
Trabuco Canyon, CA

I’ve been looking for a baby book with a lot of “firsts”. This is the best one I’ve found, and would gladly buy more like this for myself and as gifts.
Saskatoon, SK

Baby Chronicles is an absolutely great baby book! It covers everything! I wish I had one for my first son.
Brantford, ON

This book is so much better than any other baby book I’ve seen. It contains a lot and I am using it as my main source of memories. I also like the binding. It won’t fall apart after turning the pages often.
Highland, CA

Wonderful book - can't wait to begin using it for my son. The various memory categories made me decide to purchase it (ie signature sheet, etc.) LOVE the innovative way to move the book to a bigger binder - these small details make it even better! Teri
Tamworth, ON

I love these books. Absolutely amazing. When I was pregnant with my 1st, Baby Chronicles was given to me as a gift. I loved it so much that when I got pregnant the second time, the first thing I did was run out and buy another one.
Calgary, AB

We purchased this book for our daughter when she was six months old. We also purchased another copy the same day – for our next child.
Innisfil, ON

Out of all the selection, Baby C hronicles was the most complete! It’s very well organized and laid out. I would definitely like to purchase another for my next child.
Waunakee, WI

This book has absolutely everything I need to remember the first year of each of my kids’ lives. It also has things that I wouldn’t think of to remember… Thanks!
Saskatoon, SK

Baby Chronicles is really great. It has all the things I need to keep the memories of my baby. I can’t wait to share them when my baby is older.
Visalia, CA

Very detailed account of happenings throughout baby’s first important years.
Paradise, NL

I truly love everything in the book. You have thought of everything. It’s great! It is so very detailed.
Oshawa, ON

I liked the prenatal information page, medical history and the space for writing down the gifts.
Strongfield, SK

I love this book. It was very creative. I’m sure my daughter will enjoy it when she’s older.
Garibaldi Hilands, BC

I received this from my best friend…It’s amazing. There’s so many things that I wouldn’t have thought about. My friend had a baby a year ago and wished she had seen this book back then. It’s a great idea.
Winnipeg, MB

I looked everywhere for a baby book like this. It includes even more than I expected. I especially like the construction of the book itself … Thanks for a great product to remember this special time in our lives.
Providence, RI

I really am enjoying this book. I can’t wait until our baby is born to start filling in the rest!
Bayside, NY

We absolutely love this baby book! So many cool ideas and we have so many great memories! We will definitely be getting one for all our children.
Unity, SK

Best baby book we found on the market.
Harrisburg, PA

Love this baby book. Have it for all 5 of our children.
Zuni, VA

I really like all the extra info that can be recorded in this baby book, as opposed to the others I found.
Springfield, MO

I love the fill in the blanks easiness. I also love how detailed it is. This book makes it so easy to keep track of a lot of things.
Amarillo, TX

I absolutely love this book and plan on purchasing SCHOOL YEAR CHRONICLES. I have told my friends and they too have purchased a Baby Chronicles book for their child. I will keep passing the good word.
Lans Au Clait, NL

I loved this book. All my friends have loved the one I picked out also. A couple of them even asked where I bought it so they could get one themselves.
Melbourne, FL

I love it. It’s a beautiful keepsake to give your child once they are all grown up. It includes every important moments, so nothing, no memory is forgotten.
Colorado Spring, CO


Both my husband and I searched high and low for the perfect baby book for our first child. We looked at many different books and thought Baby Chronicles was the best book. We liked the variety of pages, hard cover and all-inclusive content of the pages. Also, we liked the plastic pocket page.
100 Mile House, BC

I love the fact that most of the milestones are in a listing fashion.
Omaha, NE

You helped me capture the best of every moment in my first child’s life.
Thornhill, ON

I like the checklist in the back of the book. It really comes in handy.
Oroville, CA

Love this planner.
Norfolk, VA

Love all your books. I will have all these special memories for years to come, thanks to your books.
Santa Rosa, CA

I’m an avid note keeper and journal writer. I’m so glad there is now a book to keep track of his early school year progress.
Washington, DC

Your book is great. Very helpful to get organized and to document everything during my son’s school memories and experiences.
San Francisco, CA

Wonderful way to lay out a child’s life in a story/newspaper way.
Chicago, IL

We looked everywhere for the perfect baby book. Finally we found this one and we both instantly loved it! It’s perfect.
Ware, MA