Baby Chronicles - A Baby Memory Book

Baby Chronicles is a baby memory book that helps Moms keep track of their Baby's development from conception right through the memorable first years. This baby memory book is a combination journal, diary and scrapbook. It has room for just about everything and is an ideal guide and reference as well as an everlasting keepsake. It has a plastic storage pocket and the wire-o binding allows the book to expand to hold all of Baby's mementos!

Baby Chronicles is Baby's personal history book. It will capture the milestones and moments you want to remember. Give your child a peek into the past and a gift of memories for the future.

"I can’t wait until the day my child is old enough to appreciate this biography...I wish I could look back at a book like this of myself."




  • A table of contents to easily direct you to the page you are looking for
  • A large plastic pocket to hold Baby's birth cards or any oversized mementos
  • A prenatal section including checklists and shopping lists to prepare for Baby
  • Space for ultrasound/sonogram, photos, hand & footprints...
  • Family tree and family photos
  • Baby's first words, haircut, birthday party …
  • A growth chart, immunization schedule and medical & dental history logs
  • A program for introducing solid foods
  • Letters to Baby and parent's notes
  • And lots of space for announcements, baby teeth and more …


Book Details:


72 pages, 9⅛" x 11⅛", color illustrations, plastic-laminated wirobound (concealed) hardcover




Mommy’s Pregnancy Records, Expecting Company, My Ultrasound/Sonogram, My Baby Shower & My Baby Shower Gifts, Family & Friends to Notify


My Arrival, Hospital ID, My Birth Announcement, My Birth Certificate, My Horoscope, Sign Of The Times, Prime Time News, Other News & Forecasts, My Family Tree, My Family Close-Up, My Family Portraits, Home Sweet Home and My Bedroom, Celebrating My Arrival, My Autograph Page, My Presents


My First..., My Hand & Foot Prints, It's Bathtime!, My First Hairdo & Haircut, My Before & After Shots, My Introduction To Solid Foods, My Food Reviews, My First Words


Me and My Friends, My First Holiday Season, My First Vacation and My Travels, Nicknames & Aliases and My Favorite Toys & Books, My Scribbles, My Portrait Gallery, Baby Pictures, Collectibles


My Growth Chart, My Growth Graph, My Medical History, My Immunization Schedule, My Baby Teeth, My Dental Records, My Tooth Fairy Visits


My First Birthday


Make Room For Me, Packing For The Hospital, Choosing A Pediatrician, Daily Schedule, Babysitting Instructions, Sleeping Patterns, Parent's Notes, Letters To Baby