High School Chronicles - A High School Scrapbook

High School Chronicles is a high school scrapbook that covers Grades 9 - 12 along with a section devoted to college/ university. This scrapbook resembles a teenager’s diary and its binder allows for the insertion of all kinds of memorabilia, like report cards, awards, certificates and pictures.

High School Chronicles is your teenager’s personalized yearbook. Create a peek into the past and a gift of memories for the future with this high school scrapbook.

“The structured arrangement of (the book) serves as a valuable reminder to record things in the present. When completed, (High School Chronicles) will be a wonderful memory prompt/nostalgia-nudger in later life”. CM Magazine



  • Binder Format
  • Report cards, transcripts and class pictures
  • Academic achievements and school highlights
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Summer vacations, summer jobs and community work
  • Birthdays and social events
  • Driving lessons
  • Medical, dental and orthodontic notes, and
  • Prom, graduation and college/university


Book Details:


56 pages, 10¾” x 11¾”, color illustrations, hard-cover, loose-leaf ring binder with printed spine

High School Years
Keep track of Grades 9 through 12
Report Cards and Diplomas
Report cards, transcripts and other certificates
Extra-Curricular Activities
Pictures, awards and other memorabilia from hobbies and sports programs
Summer Vacation, Summer and Part-time Jobs
Job descriptions, pay stubs, details of community work and reference letters
Special gifts and birthday celebrations
Photos of friends and family
Weight, height, shoe size, medical, dental & orthodontic procedures
Personal notes, dating and other private memories
Driving lesson experiences and results from driving exams
High school graduation handouts, copy of valedictory speech and prom details
Applications and preparation for college/university