School Year Chronicles - A School Years Memory Book

School Year Chronicles is the sequel school years memory book to Baby Chronicles. Begin recording school day memories in nursery and save notes, achievements and keepsakes all the way up to the last year in elementary school (Grade 8). It is fun and interactive, and its binder format is a great way to save all those precious memories made every day in school and after school.

School Year Chronicles is your child's personalized school years memory book. Together, you can create a peek into the past and a gift of memories for the future.

“Thank you for making it so easy to keep memories”



  • Binder format
  • Report cards, class pictures & school highlights
  • Diplomas and other records
  • Details of after-school activities
  • Mementos of birthday celebrations
  • Holiday photos
  • Memories of summer vacations
  • Medical history, and
  • Your child’s signatures and a “sign of the times” page


Book Details:


76 pages, 10¾” x 11¾”, color illustrations, hard-cover, loose-leaf ring binder with printed spine

School Years
Keep track of nursery through Grade 8, daily rituals, favorite things, curriculum highlights and more.
After-School Activities
Collect badges, ribbons, group photos and other memorabilia.
 Report Cards & Diplomas
Save spelling tests, book reports and other records.
Birthday Celebrations
Organize invitations, birthday cards, photos and more.
Holiday Photos and Other Pictures
Catalogue family, individual and other photos.
Summer Vacation
Collect and save souvenirs, photos, autographs and other
Medical History
Record changes in height, weight, teeth, vision and more.